Pricing Guide


$19 /Month

  • Users can report Bugs, Features & Tickets
  • Users can vote on their Bugs, Features & Tickets
  • Setup Rewards for your Users
  • Align your Support, Development and Product Managers in a Single Place
  • Get Notification on Down Time
  • Get Validated Bugs to your team
  • Connect to 30,000 Users in a click
Augment QA

$2995 /Tester

  • Hire Expert QA Engineers for your Product
  • Get Dedicated Testers to test your application
  • Can select 2-4 QA Engineers to Work with your Development Team
  • Project Management by 99tests
  • Get Monthly Reports on Bugs and Test Cases Covered
  • Available on-demand
  • Get started in 24 hours
Zero Defect

Enterprise Class

  • Get all the Features of Traction & Augment QA
  • Get Performance Testing of your Product
  • Get Security Testing of your Product
  • Get Crowd of 25 Expert Testers
  • Get Curated Top Testers
  • Get Exploratory Testing to Uncover Critical Bugs
  • Get Regression Testing to ensure all Business Cases are working
  • Test across Devices, Browers, OS Versions
  • Get Testers from Different Countries & Languages

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